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Iron-Hide Online is your Ranch Western Saddlery Emporium designed to offer today's rider the quality and durability you should expect. We source quality Hand made leather products from Australia and the USA. We also stock a wide range of quality saddle pads, protection boots and handmade Australian rugs and much more..


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Returns policy

Ironhide online offers an exchange of goods or a store credit on return of stock purchased within 7 days of purchase.  We only offer a refund on items purchased that are deemed faulty.  Sale items are not able to be returned.  

A proof of purchase from the customer must accompany the return of goods, as well as confirmation stating what the customer would like done with the goods.  Postage will be re-charged if an item is being exchanged and posted out.  

Note:  Postage originally charged for an item will not be refunded if a customer decides to return/exchange an item, unless item is faulty.

Once returned items are received, they will be processed to determine if a refund is issued. We will email you with the details. All refunds will be processed through the original payment method used and subject to usual transaction delays. Shipping costs are not refundable, only items.

Shipping Policy

Shipping will be determined at checkout unless otherwise stated and a quote will be given prior to item being shipped. Express post and all international posts  will incur additional costs and will be quoted prior to items being posted.We use the services of Australia Post however we take no responsibility should the item be lost in transit or damaged in transit or delays in transit. Should you require insurance on a product this will also incur additional costs and you will be quoted prior to shipment.

Saddle fitment

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Saddle Fit: Fitting the Horse


The goal of proper saddle fit is to identify a saddle that fits both participants - the horse and the rider. But which is the most important of the two? Without question, fitting the horse. Let's look at how to match the right saddle to your horse.

Key physical characteristics affecting saddle fit:

  • Shape of the withers
    Ideally, the withers of the horse are level with, or a little above, the highest point of the rump (or croup). Withers that are higher or lower than this would need special consideration when choosing a saddle.
  • Shape of the Back

A horse that has an overly narrow or, conversely, an overly flat back, can find certain saddles to be uncomfortable. A horse that’s back is “downhill,” with his rump higher than his withers, can end up with the saddle slipping forward causing soreness.

  • Length of the back
    Horses with shorter than average backs can find the saddle’s skirts digging into their backs, loins, and kidneys. 
  • Prominence of the shoulders
    Large-shouldered horses can be constricted by an ill-fitting saddle, limiting movement and forcing the shoulders against the tree bars. Thin-shouldered horses can cause the saddle to ride forward onto the shoulder blades.